Your values are the soul of your leadership, and they drive your behavior.

Meet the Team

Charlie Ma

He is an International Business Administration Senior at Sias University. He has been selected Fall 2014 to study abroad in Indonesia. He serves as our internship Team Leader handling logistics and company relations. During the internship he leads the weekly SWOT analysis training. He can be heard singing Chinese love songs, riding a skateboard or thinking of new business ideas during his free time.

Brandon Kuo

Graduated from Henan University in 2014 with an MA in English Translation and from Sias University in 2013 with a BA in Business English. He serves as our translation specialist to make the best internship training materials available now in Chinese! He can be found walking and dreaming of where he wants to travel next while sipping a tart fruit smoothly.

Snow Lee

Graduated from Sias Unviersity in 2013 with a BA In Business English. She serves as our HR Staffing specialist. During the internship she leads the weekly personal goal setting modules. She has worked for this last year in HR and as the Partner School Relations Manager. She can be found at 6am running outside and eating raw bitter melon to stay healthy.

Joella Zhuo

Graduated from Sias University in 2013 with a BA in English. She serves as the coordinator of culture training modules. She loves people and enjoys travel. Some day she will visit every country in the world.

Meet the Interns

Crystal Chen

I am Crystal. I am studying at SIAS International University, and my major is Business English. I like English because it is charming. I have been the volunteer of helping the students study English in Foreign Language Primary School. I am the member of English Fly Club. And I am the member of students’ union of Foreign Language Academy in my school.

Sherry Gao

Hello, everyone! I’m Sherry Gao. Now I’m 22 years old and a junior student at SIAS international university. My major is English translation and I want to be a translator after my graduation. I love to travel and make new friends. I want to be a person of integrity and I won’t sell my integrity for power and money. I want to experience different culture and practice myself, so this summer I came to a beautiful place- Xining in the western part of China.

Julia Zuo

My name is Julia, who is very active and generous. I graduate from SIAS International University and my major is English translation. I like to make friends and share my experience and feeling with someone who wants to know me. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is one belief that I strongly persist. It makes me think what kinds of thing can make me feel happy and how I can please people properly.

Sam Suo

My name is Suo Xinhua. My English name is Sam. My major is accounting. I have graduated from SIAS University in 2014. Instead of spending much time in playing, I devoted myself to my studies and paid attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life. I like taking photos and drawing comics. In my spare time, I also like to play the ukulele. An English proverb says, ‘Lost time is never found again’. Time is precious and one of those many things that cannot be purchased by money.

Cory Zhang

Hi everyone, I’m Cory. I graduated from Zheng Zhou SIAS International University. My major is International Trade. When I’m a freshman, I just try myself to love my university and some basic things in SIAS. During the summer holiday, I try my best to hold a tutorial class and ask some students in my university to teach students who are in middle or high school.