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I am Joella Zhuo who is an easygoing girl. I graduate from SIAS International University. My major is Business English. I am from Henan province. I love to meet people and learn from each other. I think everyone is special and valuable. I want to explore this world with doing meaningful things. I like to help people within my ability who would like to have a meaningful life.

Internship Updates:

I work for Greenhouse Coffee from Monday to Thursday every week, and I work for Starfish on every Friday. Besides, I work for the GHC’s store for three days as a waitress, and I work at headquarter as a helper for one day every week in the GHC. In starfish, I work as a helper in Production Department.
Through this internship, I understand the culture of GHC. I learn more about the knowledge and culture of coffee. And I learn more about customer service, which helps me to think more about the servant leadership. GHC import the good coffee beans, and then they bake the coffee beans. The goal of Greenhouse Coffee is to become the leader coffee industry in China.
Starfish is a company which sells the women’s jewelries that are mainly sold to foreigners. There are four girls to make jewelries in the production department. I see the procedure of making jewelries. Meanwhile, I help them make jewelries, which is my first trying. It is in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Xining that have starfishes. The headquarters is in Beijing. I like the value of starfish culture that is every woman is special, respectable and valuable. The working environment is good. The leaders care about the staff in every field of life, whose relationship is like friends.


I am happy to have this opportunity to work in the Greenhouse Coffee. I like the GHC’s culture whose heart of culture is people. Through this internship, I meet more Muslims and monks. Working with them together, I know more culture of theirs. During the internship, the Muslims are in the closed room for about 100 days. I know more culture of ethical groups which helps me widen my horizons. There are some deaf workers in Greenhouse Coffee who teach me the sign language. Working with them is a special experience for me. Otherwise, working in Starfish helps me understand that every woman is respectable and valuable.