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Snow graduated from SIAS International University in 2013. She worked for Academics in Asia for the past year in HR and managing partner school relationship, which equipped her with better analytical skills and leadership and team building ability. Working on her to mature and happiness, she is always ready to make mistakes and to explore the unknown beauty of life.
As a soul surfer, nature is her soul mate and her paradise. As a healthy eater, she listens to her heart instead of following recipes while cooking. She puts family, friendship over work and she lives faith and love. Integrity and Humilitywill guard her whole life. (Values Statements)

Internship Updates:

Now, I am working in the GREENHOUSE COFFEE as an intern. My work is to be a waitress. I also worked in Starfish, a company making jewelry, every Friday during my internship.


Snow was lucky enough to work with the Servant leader boss and her many other friendly colleagues who enriched and beautified her days. Her boss shown her what servant leadership exactly is and also help her realized that servant leadership itself is kind of powerful productivity because it produce strong teamwork and cohesion. She also learned American culture and how foreigners do business better.
As a leader of the intern team, Snow made mistakes and struggled during internship but she never gave up. She was always available to listen to interns and to take others’ advice. Hence, she got to know the interns better and their physical and spiritual needs so that she could serve interns in the way interns felt comfortable. Moreover, living in Xining for over 5 weeks, Snow knew minority’s culture and lives better.
All these precious experiences will benefit Snow’s promising future.