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Hello, everyone! I’m Sherry Gao. Now I’m 22 years old and a junior student at SIAS international university. My major is English translation and I want to be a translator after my graduation. I love to travel and make new friends. I want to be a person of integrity and I won’t sell my integrity for power and money. I want to experience different culture and practice myself, so this summer I came to a beautiful place- Xining in the western part of China.

Internship Updates:

During this summer internship I worked in Greenhouse Coffee. Greenhouse is an international coffee company merging roasting, marketing and training into a whole. Integrity is its core value. At here not only integrity is important to every staff in the company, but also is vital to the whole company.
I worked with the other intern doing the marketing job for Greenhouse coffee. From designing survey and coupon, making coffee and asking customers to do the survey, we made by ourselves. The aim was to let the company know customers’ really needs.


Thanks Aaron, my foreign teacher, this summer holiday I came to Xining to do the internship. During this process, I began to know coffee’s history and culture, how to do marketing research, SWOT analysis. Also, I started to know other ethnics’ culture and value. What’s more important was that I learned to become a person full of integrity and it will influence my whole life.
This internship is really a wonderful experience!