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I am Crystal. I am studying at SIAS International University, and my major is Business English. I like English because it is charming. I have been the volunteer of helping the students study English in Foreign Language Primary School. I am the member of English Fly Club. And I am the member of students’ union of Foreign Language Academy in my school. Meanwhile, I have many talents in extracurricular. I like dancing, so I took part in the Latin Dance Club. And in June, I won second Prize in the 8th Chun Wu Cup dancing contest (Nonprofessional Group) of SIAS. A Chinese proverb says, “Slander cannot destroy an honest man: when the flood recedes the rock is there.” I think this saying is profound and thought–provoking. It tells the importance of being honest. It is also essential for me to be an honest person during my whole life. Because there is no doubt you should keep your conscience. And an honest person can always win the respect and friendship.

Internship Updates:

Now, I am working in the GREENHOUSE COFFEE as an intern. My work is to be a waitress. I also worked in Starfish, a company making jewelry, every Friday during my internship.


Through this internship, I have learnt a lot, such as how to make SWOT analysis, culture research that I have never learnt before, and how to get along well with my partners.
As a waitress in GREENHOUSE COFFEE, it is a little tired to provide service, but I can understand what the customs really want. And I am also happy when I can make the customs satisfied. Meanwhile, I also learned a lot about coffee and coffee beans from my manager and my colleagues.
When I worked for Starfish, I can talk with the girls during making jewelry. And they impressed me. I learned that life should be positive and optimistic.
I am very thankful that I can get this chance to be an intern.