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Hello, every one, my name is Charlie, my major is International Business Administration. I have my bachelor of SIAS international university. I like reading books, especially, I like books which are about history and philosophy. My hobby is to play guitar, I like it very much, I am enjoying the time to lose myself in music. I like to make friends. When I was free, I also like to hang out with my friends to play cards and talk about some very funny topics. When I was in campus, I like to have skate board with me. Because it will help me move faster. “It is blessed to give than to receive” is my favorite saying.

Internship Updates:

I believe that if you want to make a difference, you must be an integrity person first. We have what we believe. Then we can say what we think. After we have all these thoughts we have in our heart and brain. We should actually take actions. That is very important for you to make your dream come true. So everyone, if you have your dream, take actions now!


Having the internship in Xining is a very wonderful summer activity. I learn a lot from this grogram. Also I find myself different from before, I become more responsible and humble. It is not just a internship for you to earn salary, But most important thing is that you can learn a lot about yourself. You can stay in a different place to watch over yourself. As is known, China is so big. So why not use your summer to come western China to experience the amazing western scenery and culture. I love the internship in Xining very much! Thank you!