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Hi everyone, I’m Cory. I graduated from ZhengZhou SIAS International University. My major is International Trade. When I’m a freshman, I just try myself to love my university and some basic things in SIAS. During the summer holiday, I try my best to hold a tutorial class and ask some students in my university to teach students who are in middle or high school. On one way, I help my schoolmates to earn some money, on the other way, I help the students to get more knowledge. During this period, I work as an organizer. I know how to organize the whole things. On sophomore, I and my roommates sell some daily supplies, including shoes, towel and cabinet and so on. During this period, I work as a seller, I learned how to meet customers’ taste to sell things to them. On junior, I print some DVDs about accountant to give all the students in my college. It’s almost for free. The reason I do this is because I am influenced by a class I attend called The Way to Success. I think the main idea for this class is servant leader, which means influence. So I try to serve my college. And also I’m luckily to be a volunteer for SIAS’s 15th birthday. During this period, I make lots of friends, not only my colleges, but also some famous person in their position, like venture capital and others, which really helpful for my people hub.

Internship Updates:

I work in Green House Coffee as an intern and this period lasting 5 weeks from July 14, 2014. During this period, I really learn so many things. I mainly do marketing research, I and another one will ask customers some questions about GreenHouse Coffee and when we finish all the questions, we get so many data. So in the next week we analyze all the data and draw a conclusion. What we do in this period hoping can make a great influence to GreenHouse Coffee’s development. I know coffee’s history and which country’s coffee is better. And now I can distinguish different coffees. What’s more, I also learn all the different equipment for making coffee. I also get to know the roasting of coffee. And I’m a lucky man, because there is a third stores preparing for opening on the first day I work in greenhouse coffee. So I can know how they arrange a new store. And I know some new friends whether Chinese or other foreigners. We keep each other’s wechat or email and other ways that can help us to keep connect.


With time goes by, I get to know more about Green House Coffee. Now I know some knowledge about their management and a little bit of their sales, which will enrich me to running a company in the future. I will keep on it.