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Being a translator, constantly shuttling from one language to another is really exciting; I enjoy the spark and beauty when I translate different languages and cultures into another. Sometimes, I consider translating as kind of cultural bridge building work, by it, yon can gain difference scenery of each end of this bridge. For me, differences do make a difference. I am proud of being a “witness” to watch the “conflict” of languages and a peacemaker to produce “harmony” culture.

Internship Updates:

I. I believe we are created with special gifts, and carry different personal missions and visions about this world. I know all being exist with different reasons and multiple functions.
II. I say my unique “body, heart, soul, mind” to everyone who have unique heavenly amazing grace and are willing to embrace all truth, beauty, goodness.
III. I will highly respect every independent personality and character, and also work with every individual entity to discover and exchange diversity of all created being. I will travel around to share my value, even myself.


Mintegrity Internship gave me a chance to experience international working environment. During internship, I gain a lot of experience about way of making friends, and working with different cultural background people, and how to make a network with my team, my supervisor, tutor and all kinds of amazing people.
Especially, Xining, my interning basement, is a place with blending the culture of Muslim, Tibetan, Han and other minor group culture. Those cross-cultural communications made me excited. Here, I could view this world from different perspectives. All in all, Mintegrity Internship is an awesome cultural experience in my growing life.